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If you live in Longwood, Florida or anywhere in Seminole County Florida and your Billiard Table needs Moving, Assembly, Recover, Restoration, Re-cushion, Installation, Setup, Removal, Repair, Disassemble and Crated for Shipping or for Moving a Billiard table in the State Florida or for Moving a Billiard table out of the State of Florida.

If you are looking for Professional Billiard Table Service in Longwood, Florida give Mike's Billiard Supplies Professional Billiard Table Moving, Assembly, Installation, Re-felting, Re-cushion, Restoration, Removal, Repair, Disassemble, Crating, Shipping, Amusement and Vending Service a call; 1-407-203-2177 or 1-800-887-2630 You need an answer that is Billiard and billiard related,  Just ask for Mike. Mike has played in 25 National Championships and has been a Senior National Referee for 11 years. or just fill out the request for service form below.

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If  you  are  looking  for  Professionals, "USPA Certified Billiard Table Mechanics" to  move  or  re-felt  your  Billiard  table in Longwood Florida call  -  "Mike's  Billiard  Supplies" -  1-407-203-2177 or 1-800-887-2630  -  and  just  ask  for "Mike" it's just that easy ! Mike's Billiard table moving, re-felting and crating service area includes 55 of Florida's 67 Counties, except for the 12 panhandle counties of Florida.

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Mike Provides Longwood Florida with Billiard Table and Pool Table Repair Professionals.

1. Disassemble, Crating and Shipping of Billiard Tables Worldwide.

2. Billiard Table and Pool Table Re-felting and Re-cushioning.

3. Billiard Table and Pool Table Assembly and Installation.

4. Billiard Tables New and Used, Bought and Sold.

5. Billiard Table and Pool Table Movers .

 2 of the 4 tow vehicles and 1 of the 4 cargo trailers setup specially to transport pool tables and billiard tables safely in the 55 Counties in Florida that Mike's Billiard Supplies and Crating provides service to.

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Longwood Billiard Table Service Information

Longwood Billiard Equipment and Accessories Information

The Bossman of Mike's Billiard Supplies

Mike has been installing and servicing billiard tables in an around Longwood Florida for more than 15 years. To check prices on our services just click the links on the below. Then just email us for our professional service.

Longwood Florida Billiard Table Installation, Refelting & Cushion Replacement Pricing: It is best to have a professional install a Billiard table. Let us do the work; we have the knowledge and equipment to complete the job without damage to the Billiard table, house or people. If you have recently moved to a new home, your Billiard table was most likely disassembled and crated. We will re-assemble the Billiard table, re-level and recover if needed.

After years of playing on a Billiard table the cloth may need replacement. In some cases the Billiard table owner just wants a change in the color of cloth. It just takes picking a the color of the new cloth, we will come to your home remove the rails and apply the new cloth.

After several years you may notice the Billiard table cushions are not as responsive or have irregular response. This means its time to replace the Billiard table cushions. The Billiard table cushions are usually glued onto the rail assembly. Therefore we will remove the cloth and rubber from the rails, glue new rubber and recover with new cloth. This is usually the time to replace the cloth on the table because the new cloth on the cushions will not match the older cloth on the bed of the table. For most customers when the cushions are replaced the table gets an overhaul with new cloth, cushions, re-level and anything else needed to restore your table to its original glory.

Longwood Florida Disassemble and Crating Service Pricing: If you are moving from the State of Florida we will disassemble your Billiard table for you and crate your slates for a safe move.

Longwood Florida Billiard Table Moving and Refelting Pricing: There are many reasons for moving a Billiard table. You may be moving to a new home in the area. You may have purchased a used Billiard table and need it moved from the previous owners home to yours. You may be installing new carpeting and want the Billiard table moved to a different room.

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Longwood Florida Used Billiard Table Information. Check here 1st. before you buy a used Billiard table:

Mike's Used Billiard Tables Sales :

Longwood Florida Billiard Table Removal Service: Do you have that old Billiard table you cannot sell and just want it remove from your home?

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Longwood Billiard Table Service Information

Longwood Billiard Equipment and Accessories Information

Mike's Professional Billiard Table Movers, Recover, Repair, Crating and Shipping Service
Longwood, Florida


 You need an answer that is Billiard and billiard related Just ask for Mike. Mike has played in 25 National Championships and has been a Senior National Referee for 11 years.

Just ask for Mike.

A number of the Men including Mike, that works for Mikes Billiard Supplies are Combat Veterans, Mike believes in hiring the Veteran first before anyone else.

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